Oct 31

Fitting In Fitness As A Work At Home Mom

No rocket science here!  It's definitely about calories consumed and calories expended.  But as a WAHM, we can put our family and business first all too often, letting our workout time slip away.  We're also less likely to dress up and wear our business attire. When we throw on a pair of sweats and a T-shirt, we later realize our clothing is getting tighter on the waistline.  It's also easy to snack in our own kitchen throughout the day or pick up the quick and easy foods since we didn't likely prepare a healthy lunch the evening before as a work outside the home mom might do. 

What's a WAHM to do? 

  • First things first, schedule your exercise into the day by adding it to your calendar or to do list.  Know ahead of time what part of the day is set aside for your workout and hold this time sacred.
  • Workout before the rush of the day occurs if possible or the time of day you're most likely to workout.
  • Prepare healthy easy snacks for your day ahead of time, like rinsing and slicing veggies that you can crunch and keeping fresh fruit on hand,
  • Make exercise fun so it feel like playtime!  My workout yesterday was 30 minutes of sprinting and kicking the soccer ball around the yard with my oldest while the baby napped.
  • Include your children, by doing a fun workout with them, like a kick boxing workout DVD, taking a nature walk, putting them in the stroller while you walk, or have your older children ride their bikes or roller blades alongside you.

At times, we have a deadline that's urgent or mom duty calling, but over time, a healthy mom is a happy mom.  Make sure you set a good example of being healthy and fit for your children! 


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