If I could show you how to replicate what this average housewife and mom of two with no home business, sales or marketing experience did to became a successful, online entrepreneur and coach, would it be worth your time to
Welcome!  My name's Dani Nir-McGrath.  I'm a mompreneur.  What's a mompreneur, you may ask?  I'm a mom, first and foremost, and an entrepreneur.  My children are the reason this journey began several years ago!  I have an amazing 3 year old son and 1 year old daughter.  Not to mention two furry kids as well.  Most often, you'll find me having fun with friends and family, enjoying the outdoors, and living a great life!
I'm a psychotherapist by trade and spent over 10 years working with children and families in the Mental Health and Social Services field.  The second half spent in program development, management, leadership, and statewide training roles.  I've had an opportunity to create and provide trainings across the country which was incredibly rewarding work!      
After walking away from a successful career to raise my children, I realized that I needed a creative, flexible way to earn an additional income from home.  I wanted to tap in to the skills I had developed in the non profit world as a manager, trainer, and leader.  I knew that I wanted a residual income and an ability to give myself a raise every month!  Over 2 years ago, I found that opportunity and it has allowed me to spend every day with my children at my side while earning a real income. 
When I first started, I found a real niche working with other stay at home moms.  As a new mom myself, I felt incredibly passionate about helping other moms do the same thing, which was stay home with their children.  I then became a student of social media along the way becoming a sponge and learning everything I could about blogging, SEO, internet marketing, Facebook pages, and social networks in general.  Now in addition with teaming up with SAHMs, I've helped entrepreneurs, real estate agents, business owners, health professionals, and college students work from home.
I love sharing what I've learned with others who are interested in home businesses, blogging, networking and social media.  Today, I mentor and coach individuals who also see the value in being their own boss, creating their own schedule, and have a desire for financial freedom.  Is that you?  I love connecting with others in our industry as well.  Take a look a how we can team up or contact me today and let's get the conversation started!  Before you look around, take a moment to grab your free social media mastery gift.  You'll be glad you did!
Helping YOU earn a REAL income from home!

"Trust yourself, follow your passions, listen intently to your heart, chase your dreams, and never, ever give up on the values you believe in!" ~Dani Nir-McGrath

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